Here at Landlife Images we specialise in rural and landscape photography.

With a rural background and offering the services of up to two photographers, we can capture your property or event for your own personal use, or to be used in your promotional branding. As every location and property is different, feel free to contact us with your requirements, or any questions based on the information below and we can prepare a more detailed cost estimate. We would love to work with you!

We like to spend time with you to understand your brand, the message you want to convey and the brief to achieve this. We believe we deliver efficiently with two photographers per shoot because of the greater number and varied perspective of images delivered, plus we can cover different parts of the area at the same time – but we’re also great with one! With the added advantage of John being a farmer, we have knowledge of the seasonal events on a farm and can liaise directly with farmers on behalf of the client if ongoing work is required.

Graphic Design

Tammie is also a graphic designer, with experience in designing anything from logos, business cards and brochures, to calendars, posters and any large scale material for print. This can be helpful when planning a shoot for use by your own design team, or if you prefer the photography and design in one place. Email Tammie:

Images For Purchase

Many of our images are available to license as digital files. If you see one you like, contact us for more info:


Images in our galleries are available as prints/canvas prints by request. Get in touch if you’ve found one that would look great on your wall.

Why aren’t your digital photos free?

We get asked this one from time to time. When you acquire an original, high resolution digital image, you have the ability to print and use it for your own purposes. Essentially you’re paying for all the hard work and expertise that went into us creating it from start to finish. Going from our professional camera gear, (and the years of knowledge that goes into learning to use it) to the latest Adobe software, the time spent processing, and for some shots, the travel cost and effort to get into remote and beautiful areas – each image is very valuable!